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We're changing the game by bringing much needed attention to customer support to the Commercial Cleaning space.  At Urban Simple our top priorities are delivering a superior service and experience while maintaining a close connection and open dialogue with our clients and team members.  We use the latest in group communication software to keep our clients, management and cleaning associates on the same page and in the know.


To surpass your expectations by going above and beyond our call of duty, while utilizing the best in materials, technology and associate training techniques.

quality assurance

Our quality assurance and customer care are 2nd to none.  With the integration of group communication services we keep our clients concerns on top, where they belong.

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targeted services

Our services are custom tailored to suit the individual, special, needs of your office.  From antimicrobial treatments, to floor waxing and buffing, all your specific needs will be met.


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How is Urban Simple better than the rest?

Commercial cleaning services have been done the same way for decades with lackluster customer service at best.  At Urban Simple we are changing the game by bringing customer service to the forefront and commercial cleaning services into the 21st century.

Commercial & Business Cleaning Services:

We offer high quality commercial cleaning services, delivered by trained and trustworthy professionals.  Our services and staff are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

ESTABLISHMENTS: We clean all types of establishments, including offices, office buildings, clinics, salons, spas, studios, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, warehouses and just about every other type of establishment there is.

VENUES & EVENTS:  We will do the maintenance cleaning during large events & parties including, weddings, parties, social events, music events, fairs and more.  We can also provide pre and post event cleanings.

WINDOW CLEANING: At Urban Simple we offer comprehensive window cleaning services to keep your windows looking crystal clear.  We offer one time window cleanings, or we can set you up with a regimen to keep them looking great.

FLOOR CLEANING & POLISHING: We offer robust wood, tile and stained concrete floor cleaning.  We give your wood floors the luster and care they need and give your hard surface floors the wax and buffing services they require to make them shine.

FURNITURE CLEANING: Cleaning and polishing of wood & leather furniture and fixtures.  The tables, desks, chairs and fixtures in your office, or establishment require detailed care that we are more than happy to provide.

COMPUTER ROOM CLEANING: Your tech hardware is as important to your organization as the people who run it.  Urban Simple uses a combination of cleaning and dusting techniques to keep your gear running clean.

OTHER CLEANING SERVICES: We offer an array of other cleaning services, including high dusting, floor waxing & polishing, pressure washing, restaurant cleaning and any other urban service you may need.

    We will treat your business with the utmost pride and respect.


    UrbanSimple Commercial Cleaning Services Austin

    UrbanSimple offers commercial and business cleaning services Austin.  Our specialized services are provided by trustworthy, qualified professionals. For added client peace of mind, our staff and services alike are insured and bonded.

    At UrbanSimple, we understand the concept of cleaning. We essentially offer a professional and efficient commercial janitorial service to ensure safe, clean and healthy environments. In addition, we offer a specialized restaurant cleaning and kitchen equipment cleaning service.

    Whether you are a commercial complex such as a large financial institution or a small office block, UrbanSimple is your one-stop commercial and business cleaning solution. We provide a variety of sub-services to cater to the specific requirements of our clients. Our commercial janitorial service includes the cleaning of all staff offices, general meeting rooms, boardrooms, staff lounges, kitchen equipment cleaning, restrooms and general hallways.

    When you call on UrbanSimple for your cleaning requirements, you can rest assured that all common areas will be kept exceptionally clean to prevent the excessive build-up of dust and dirt and to essentially stop the spread of germs between individuals who use such common areas, especially when it comes to kitchen equipment cleaning. Above all and possibly more importantly, UrbanSimple cater to your specific cleaning service requirements.

    At UrbanSimple we understand that no two commercial complexes or businesses are the same; therefore, the requirements for each commercial and business cleaning may differ. We do not believe in one standard cleaning regime, but rather offer a tailor-made commercial janitorial service or restaurant cleaning service that suits the requirement of your establishment best. Size does not matter. Whether you are a small office of only four employees, a large corporation or multi-story office building, we will act as your specialized cleaning agent.

    UrbanSimple cleaning services Austin offer all clients a reliable, honest and affordable commercial and business cleaning service, and are committed to providing a service which is tailored to the exact requirements of our clients. Through our service excellence we always aim to build a long-term professional relationship with clients, always striving to streamline our available carpet cleaning service to stay focused on our on-going service agreements. While other may find it to be a chore, UrbanSimple finds cleaning to be a business we take absolute pride in.

    It is indeed true that the first impression lasts a lifetime, and because commercial and business cleaning services Austin is our essential business, we are all too aware of this truth. A clean and tidy professional environment in the workplace will not only enhance the image of your establishment, but will continue to keep your employees motivated. Whether you are a large commercial complex or small business just starting out, our commercial janitorial service will remain your partner in cleaning by offering you the best available cleaning service and restaurant cleaning at the best rates.

    Since our exceptional team is trained by the best and fully comprehends the importance of personal hygiene and outstanding customer service, we offer you the best available cleaning services Austin. With several years of managerial experience, we continue to lead our staff in providing a specialized service second to none.

    UrbanSimple cleaning services Austin employs a hands-on approach in terms of service delivery and professional quality levels required by each commercial and business site. It is our goal to monitor the performance of our staff at all times in order to evaluate our level of service delivery through the eyes of our clients in terms restaurant cleaning and commercial janitorial service.

    We, at UrbanSimple, understand that each sector is different; therefore, we embrace these differences to offer clients a personalized commercial and business cleaning service in accordance with its unique requirements. To find the cleaning solution that will suit your establishment best, contact us today for an immediate estimate.