Comprehensive Restaurant & Bar Cleaning:

As the owner and manager of a restaurant, you wear many hats... no one knows this better than you.  You validate the daily truck delivery, create the menu, manage your ever growing staff, and all this before it's even noon.  Chances are your restaurant is "clean enough", but more often than not many areas go overlooked; the most important being the kitchen.

One of our specialties is comprehensive restaurant cleaning, with a focus on all areas of your restaurant - including the kitchen and kitchen equipment.

We offer a number of cleaning options to allow you to stay within your budget and come home to a sparkling clean house guaranteed.  Our goal is to consistently provide our customer with fast and friendly service with a focus on quality.  You have better things to do with your time, so when considering a cleaning service, choose Urban Simple to help with all your cleaning needs.

Need Your Business Cleaned?

Simple! We offer high quality commercial cleaning services, delivered by trained and trustworthy professionals.  Our services and staff are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.  LEARN MORE>>

Need Your Home Cleaned?

Simple! We offer high quality residential cleaning services, delivered by trained and trustworthy professionals.  Our services and staff are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.  LEARN MORE>>

  1. Commercial & Business Cleaning: We offer high quality commercial cleaning services, delivered by trained and trustworthy professionals.  Our services and staff are bonded and insured.
  2. Move in/out “Make Ready” Cleaning: Our professional cleaning staff will handle 100% of the deep cleaning necessary to leave your house sparkling and ready to move in.
  3. Home & Business Painting Services: We offer a professional approach to painting your home or business.  We guarantee the perfect finish, a timely completion and your total satisfaction.
  4. Steam Cleaning: We provide professional steam cleaning services for commercial and residential properties.  Extend the life of your carpet & rugs, and keep your office, or commercial property smelling like new.

Need your home or business painted by professionals?

Need Paint?  Simple..!

We have an excellent team of experienced painters who will give your painting needs extra professional care.  Just CLICK HERE>> to get started... it's that simple.

Why You Should Choose Urban Simple for Your Painting Needs

Urban Simple is a top rated cleaning services provider in Austin Texas. Our professional approach and high level of customer care have played a lead role in contributing to our market prowess. Unlike other companies, our cleaning Austin services are highly personalized. This is because we work closely with each and every client to ensure that we fully understand their needs and offer top notch cleaning solutions that go way beyond their expectations. Our commercial clients keep coming back for more cleaning services because we strive to do our best and ensure cleaning areas remain spotless.

At Urban Simple we also specialize in restaurant cleaning and bar deep cleaning with a focus on kitchen and kitchen equipment deep cleaning.  Restaurant owners and managers understand the importance of keeping their areas of business clean and free from dirt. When you hire us to do for you restaurant cleaning, we take our time to ensure that all areas that need attention are fully attended to. Unlike other Austin companies that focus on cleaning front areas that are visible to customers, we pay special attention to cleaning various kitchen areas as well as thoroughly cleaning kitchen equipment to increase standards of hygiene.

The good news is that we also have painting services for clients who are in need of a professional painting firm. Austin is a highly competitive city and therefore it’s incumbent upon you to seek help from painting experts if you want the best outcome. Our well trained and qualified Austin painter workforce has mastered the art of transforming your restaurant to have a new and elegant appearance. Customers love going to nice looking restaurants with bright colors. When you work with us, we advise you as well as discuss with you in detail which color themes we know will best complement your business set up.

It’s not enough to get any painter to work on your restaurant; you need to find an expert who understands the importance of high quality painting services and the relevance of having an attractive restaurant that stands out from competitors. At Urban Simple, we have successfully worked on several corporate painting assignments and can proudly boast of our huge success in serving Austin commercial and restaurant owners.

We have also incorporated technology into our painting operations to ensure that we stand tall and provide distinguished services from our competitors. All our services are technology compliant enabling us to stay at the top of the market to see to it that our customers benefit from the latest painting technologies available. We have also substantially invested in top notch and modern painting Austin equipment in order to have an edge over our competitors who are yet to fully embrace technology and use of modern equipment.

Customers who hire us for painting services enjoy a memorable customer experience. This is because we believe our clients are our greatest assets, and we are, therefore, willing to go to any lengths to impress them with unique and top Austin Painter services.