Our Cleaning Services in Detail:

Front of the House cleaning services (dining area):

  1. Sweep and mop all floors in main dining room. (Pressure washing optional)
  2. Power wash floors in the host area
  3. Micro dust lamps, AC vents, decorations, speakers, curtains (vacuumed-brushed or dry sponged)
  4. Clean tables, chairs, doors, windows & frames
  5. Spot clean walls "power wash" (anywhere below the knee)
  6. We can customize our cleaning services to compliment any restaurant, kitchen and equipment combination.
  7. Is your restaurant and kitchen as clean as it could be?

Back of the House cleaning services (Kitchen):

  1. Clean all floors, PVC pipes and drains.
  2. (Pressure wash optional)Pressure wash exhaust vents
  3. Clean wells
  4. Clean soda lines & compressors
  5. Clean sinks and under sinks
  6. Clean ice machines
  7. Clean under coolersClean stainless steel walk-in doors

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning:

We use a combination of organic degreasers, steam and pressure washing for kitchen equipment.

  1. Fryer(s)
  2. Flat top/griddle
  3. Stovetop(s)
  4. Oven(s)
  5. Salamander(s)


BBB accredited business with an A rating.

BBB accredited business with an A rating.

Urban Simple is ranked #1 on google.com for Austin Restaurant Cleaning!  (organic results)

Urban Simple is ranked #1 on google.com for Austin Restaurant Cleaning!  (organic results)

Members of the Texas Restaurant Association and the Austin Restaurant Chapter.

Members of the Texas Restaurant Association and the Austin Restaurant Chapter.

A Guide to Professional Restaurant Cleaning

A great dining experience is not just about the food served, but as many people will attest to, the entire dining environment. Restaurant cleaning is one of the most important factors to providing enjoyable dining; a spotless dining environment is vital for an enjoyable dining experience. Restaurants have to pass a strict white glove test for the most customers to be satisfied with the cleanliness in this dining area. It is not uncommon for customers to go directly to a restaurant’s bathroom to check on the hygienic conditions before sitting down to order. It should, therefore, be every restaurateur’s aim to ensure all facilities in the restaurant are spotless every minute the restaurant is operational.

Why Hire Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services?

Restaurants employ a number of employees to undertake different duties. The kitchen staff composed of the chef, cooks and stewards undertakes cooking duties; the front office personnel welcome guests as well as lead them to their tables while the floor personnel are in charge of serving guests. It is important to note that these duties form the core operations in a restaurant, with cleaning services being sidelined. Most restaurants delegate cleaning duties to the available staff trained in different areas of expertise. This means that most of the cleaning duties are bound to be rushed through as the personnel try to juggle these duties with their other core duties.

To ensure proper cleaning is conducted it is important to entrust such duties to trained professionals in the field. Trained professionals in restaurant cleaning Austin have the required knowledge in how to clean different surfaces, the best cleaning products to use as well as the best times to clean various restaurant facilities. Restaurants have different cleaning requirements as compared to other commercial cleaning applications. It is best to assign such demanding cleaning jobs to qualified professionals for the best results. Here you stand to benefit from their acquired expertise, specialized cleaning products and practical experience.

What to Expect from Urban Simple Restaurant Cleaning Services...

Restaurant cleaning services provide a convenient way of keeping your business clean while you continue to focus on your core operations. All restaurant employees can continue to focus on their primary functions without any extra responsibilities. Among the cleaning services provided in commercial restaurant cleaning include simple sweeping and mopping of tiled floors, cleaning and conditioning wood floors with the best cleaning products. Vacuuming all carpets and furniture around the restaurant to ensure that customers have a clean sitting area is also necessary. Emptying of waste baskets around the restaurant as well as thoroughly cleaning all restroom facilities is necessary. When it comes to commercial restaurant cleaning, the most specialized and demanding job is cleaning all kitchen equipment. Kitchen sinks, exhaust vents, floors and other kitchen equipment require thorough cleaning for best results.

Want to Consider when Hiring a Restaurant Cleaning Company:

Now that you understand the importance of engaging the services of professional restaurant cleaning Austin, you should understand what to look out for when hiring these cleaners.

First and foremost you should have a list of cleaning requirements that are specific to your restaurant. All restaurants that have different owners will definitely have multiple differences. When looking for a professional cleaning services provider, ensure that you specify your restaurant’s specific needs as opposed to looking for a general commercial cleaning company that serves restaurants.

In today’s world, businesses are turning to eco-friendly operations and products to capture more customers. If your restaurant is operating as an eco-friendly business, it is important to ensure that the restaurant cleaning companies you are looking for satisfy this criterion by using eco-friendly cleaning products.

The restaurant cleaning company will have access to your business during cleaning time. Be sure to ascertain the cleaning hours so that you are sure who is in your business premises at all times. It is important to be aware of the people who access sensitive areas such as the kitchen for security and health reasons.

Consistent service is of utmost importance. Enquire from the restaurant cleaning companies that you are looking at whether the cleaning staff sent to your business will be consistently maintained. You should also have a defined person to whom all concerns should be communicated.

Why Choose Urban Simple Cleaning Austin?

We understand the vital nature of a clean restaurant and have embarked on providing top notch restaurant cleaning services using state of the art cleaning equipment, high-quality cleaning products and most importantly trained cleaning personnel. Our cleaning services in Austin are unrivalled.