Meet Urban Simple's Founding Brothers

Demian & Alex Vazquez

"Our ambition is to become the cleaning company to which all others are compared".

Brothers Demian (Left) & Alex (Right) Vazquez at the Townsend Bar & Music Lounge in Austin, TX.  Urban Simple provided all drywall, paint & wood staining/finishing services for this cutting edge establishment on Congress Avenue.

Brothers Demian & Alex Vazquez founded Urban Simple in early 2014 when they recognized an imperative need for a new type of commercial services company; one that would bring commercial "urban services" into the 21st century.

"After meeting and speaking with countless business owners, they realized that most of the larger, franchised cleaning companies would often times overlook the need for a personal approach to each and every project.  This is their mission - to provide outstanding service with a focus on quality and customer care. 
Our restaurant cleaning services are better than the rest because of our targeted approach to the food and beverage industry.  We utilize water based, biodegradable and environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-reactive cleaning solutions, and we are the exclusive cleaning company in Austin for these products."

In addition to the green cleaning solutions, we offer other unique services, like anti-microbe treatments to help keep restaurant staff and clients healthy.  These treatments last up to 90 days, so restaurant and bar patrons can feel confident that they're eating and drinking in a healthy, sanitary establishment... and who doesn't want that!

From the best restaurant cleaning services in Austin - to make ready/move out cleaning - to comprehensive commercial paint services... Urban Simple resides at the pinnacle of customer care.